Essex Business Sales

Essex Business Sales Ltd was established in May 2014. Our offices are in Chelmsford and as the name says we sell businesses in Essex. We are dedicated Business Transfer Agents. If you have not heard that term before it is similar to an estate agent selling residential houses however we only sell going concern businesses. These may be on a freehold basis where the building in which the business operates is also being sold or it may be on a leasehold basis where the building is not included in the sale and the business simply has a lease to occupy the building.


EBS was set up by Neil Mansell. Neil has a background in hotels & holiday accommodation, restaurants, retail, property investment and development, franchising and Business Development in the public sector. He is also an author and has a Business Studies degree from Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford.


Essex Business Sales is a part of GPS-Direct. GPS Direct is a group of Business Transfer Agents with offices in most counties around south east England. Being part of a larger group gives us many benefits and allows you as business owners to know that we have a wider network and access to a large pool of potential buyers through our different offices.


We are the only dedicated Business Transfer Agent based in Chelmsford and one of only a handful in the entire county of Essex. If you are thinking of selling your business we recommend working with a specialist like ourselves that will truly understand the complexities involved in buying and selling a business. We see many business owners trying to sell their business through normal estate agents or with national agents that don’t have a physical presence in the county in which the business is based. Yes, many aspects of what we do can be done online however to understand the local market and have local contacts it is important to choose a local business agent. From Chelmsford we can cover the whole of Essex and have sold businesses and are listing businesses currently in all parts of the county.

  • Title Essex Business Sales
  • E-mail
  • Phone 01245 835088
  • Address Holly House 220 -224 New London Road Chelmsford Essex CM2 9AE
  • Address Holly House
    220 -224 New London Road
    CM2 9AE
Is my initial enquiry kept confidential?
Absolutely. We know that deciding to sell your business is rarely something that you just consider overnight and the last people you want to tell that you are thinking of selling are usually your staff and customers. We understand this and all our conversations are confidential even if we do not actually manage to work with you in the future and help you to sell your business.


If you are looking to sell don't hesitate to get in touch.