With further debates on the subject of Brexit happening this month and important votes following off the back of it, as business owners we all know that whatever the outcome there will be knock on effects for all businesses.

Whatever your politicial stance and opinion on Brexit it is clear across a number of markets that most people and still sitting back and waiting to see how it plays out. This means that for the majority of people who may be considering investing in businesses they are just a little more hesitant as to what their next steps would be.

We have noticed a drop in buyer enquiries at the moment, which is not surprising but certainly does not mean that there is not a buyer out there for your business at the moment. In any market deals still continue to happen and if buyer and seller are on the same page a deal can be negotiated.

Uncertainty is affecting the housing market as well with transaction levels down and prices reducing or simply just holding steady. No-one really know how this will end up or what the future holds but certainly if you are looking at buying businesses currently there are less active buyers around and therefore a good time to be speaking to people that are looking to sell and if you are a seller currently (or considering selling your business) then by the time you put the business on the market things may well have changed in the politicial and economic environment.

If we can help with regards to helping to you sell your business in Essex, please get in touch.