DSC00643We are pleased to announce the sale of Le Vere House in Clacton. Le Vere is a 6 bedroom guest house located in the seaside town of Clacton. Previous owners Gerry & Velda had run the business for approximately 13 years and were looking to retire. After initially marketing the business for sale with a local residential estate agent they were unsuccessful in finding a buyer for the business. After receiving one of our letters we went to see Gerry and explained how we had a much better chance of selling a going concern business compared to a residential estate agent because this is what we do 100% of the time.


The process of finding a buyer was fairly quick even though there were a couple of false starts initially but in mid June the new buyer completed their purchase of the guest house. We understand that the business will continue to run as it has done for a number of years and we wish the new owner, Christie Osuh best of luck.