We are currently marketing a number of pubs in Essex on a freehold and leasehold basis. As everyone is aware, the pub sector has faced many changes and challenges in the last 10 years or so. The introduction of the smoking ban, changing habits of people attending pubs, credit crunch leaving many people with less cash in their pockets and the desire to also eat and drink in pubs has meant that many pubs have closed down in recent years and many have also since strengthened their position in the market by being able to meet the customers needs.

The model for pubs these days is one of diversity. You can not rely on the sale of alcohol alone to survive in the business and food should be at the core of the day to day activities. If the pub has been able to offer some additional accommodation for guests then this also helps to bring in additional income (with a good profit margin) but that also leads to more food and drink being consumed on the premises as well.

There are also lots of changes happening with breweries and their model for how they operate with their tenants. Like any sector, where there are changes there are opportunities (for the right people!)


With the businesses we are selling currently the majority of the owners are now looking to retire having been involved in the business for a number of years. It is natural for there to be a cycle of ownership and whilst some people are looking to get out of the industry, some are looking to come in or look to grow within it if they already operate in similar businesses.

Freehold pubs mean that the owner is not tied to purchasing their beer from a certain brewery and the owner has the benefit of owning the bricks and mortar as well as developing a successful business. Leasehold pubs tend to be owned by breweries and tenants will have the ability to sell their business and assign their lease. Our role within this process is to advertise the business and seek to find a suitable applicant for the brewery that also has the means to pay for the business in the first place.

If you are considering buying a pub in Essex please check out the details of some of the businesses we are currently marketing. Some may be listed as a Confidential Sale. We will need you to complete an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before we are able to release the full details.

Freehold pubs currently range from £520,000 – £1,150,000. Leasehold pubs start at an asking premium of £45,000 plus SAV (Stock at Valuation)

If you have any questions about buying a pub business in Essex or are considering selling your pub please get in touch.