At this stage you may have received one of our letters, seen an advert in a local publication, found or ‘liked’ us on Facebook or ‘followed’ us on Twitter or been recommended our services by another business contact of yours or your accountant or solicitor. At this stage you are either thinking of selling your business or have definitely decided to sell and then are at the point of choosing which agent you want to work with.


With all new enquiries we get, we like to collect some initial basic information about yourself and your business to let us know more about who we will be dealing with. If you have received one of our letters then we will already have the basic business details on our database however if you have found us via a different route we will need to get that information from you.


Once we have that information we will arrange a convenient time to come and see you to find out more about the business and your plans for the future once you sell it. There are many reasons why people sell their business and we have usually worked with business owners in all circumstances.


When we come to see you it is normal for this to happen outside of usual opening hours although we are happy to be flexible and adhere to your requirements. At this stage, many business owners do not want their staff to know their plans and so we are happy to being as open or covert as you require.


In advance of our meeting it is beneficial for you to compile some documentation including forms of ID for yourself, the last set of accounts for the business and a copy of your lease (if applicable). These are the most important documents we need for now which will help us to prepare an accurate valuation for you. If you run any monthly or quarterly management accounts for the current financial year those can be beneficial to have as well so we can see how the business is trading at the present time.


During the appointment we would like to have a look around the property and to then sit down and understand more about the business and the numbers. If possible we will take some photographs which will help to remind us what we have seen and can also be used for future marketing purposes if we get to that point.


Once we have collected all the information we require, we will go away and do some further research and put thought into the value of the business. It is unlikely we would give you a valuation on the day as all businesses can vary and we need to consider a number of different elements which add up to how we value a business. We will come back to you in writing (via post or email) in the next few days with our thoughts on the value of the business, setting out clearly our terms and conditions & explaining the next steps. Our Registration Agreement is a simple one page document and explains the basis on which we will work with you to achieve the sale of your business.  Once this is completed, signed and returned to us we will begin to prepare a set of Sales Particulars which is explained more on the next page Putting Your Business On The Market.