There are 8 key points why you should choose Essex Business Sales to be the agents to sell your business in Essex.


1) Based Locally – Our offices are in Chelmsford which is centrally located in the county. It allows us to cover the whole of Essex and to understand the local market whilst also building up a solid database of potential buyers and contacts to help us to help you sell your business. Local contacts include surveyors, EPC providers, tradesmen, accountants, solicitors etc. If you were selling your house you would not choose an agent that is not based locally to you. The same concept should apply when selling your business. We have national coverage through the websites we advertise on however in the majority of cases, the buyer for your business will be located close by already.


2) Understanding issues when selling a business – If you have never bought or sold a business before, it can be difficult to understand the process. Most people have experience of buying or selling a house and some parts of that process are the same when selling a business however there are many differences. Common issues include VAT and tax positions of the seller of the business, apportionment of goodwill, fixtures and fittings, referencing, transfer of staff contracts, transfer of supplier contracts, assignment of leases (where applicable), transfer of shares in companies, stock valuation, schedule of dilapidations. Working alongside your own advisors such as your solicitor or accountant we help to facilitate the process between all the parties involved.


3) Skill from experience – You see many businesses talking about how many years’ experience they have in an industry as something that should make them stand out. What is important is not only the length of time that they have been involved in the industry but also the quality of the work they have done previously. From experience you develop skills which can be used again on different deals and different projects. At Essex Business Sales we have different experiences and backgrounds on which to use our skill and judgement to help you sell your business and overcome any issues that arise in that process.


4) In touch with qualified buyers – Every agent will have a database of people that are registered with them looking to buy a business in the area. The quality of the database should not just be measured in terms of the size but the reliability and quality of the people that are looking to buy a business. In some cases we have been able to put the right person through the door on the first viewing and get a deal agreed very quickly. In other scenarios it has been a case of waiting to find the right person to buy that business. We keep in touch with our buyers through regular communication advising them of new businesses we are selling, price changes & when deals fall through and businesses come back on to the market.


5) National Marketing – Being based locally is important to us however we do also have a national presence through the websites that we advertise on and through our general marketing activities. We have accounts with the main websites dedicated to selling businesses and finding suitable buyers. Our own marketing and visibility on social media platforms allows us to have a wide marketing programme to put your business in front of the right people.


6) Essex – We are based in Essex. We live in Essex and we run our business from Essex. The county is a thriving place to live and work with a lot of new investment coming in and the county always doing well due to its close proximity to London and access to other parts of the country. Many business owners have developed their businesses off the back off the success of the county and we are proud to specialise in selling Essex based businesses.


7) Specialists in Business Transfer Activity – We only sell going concern businesses in Essex. We are not commercial agents also trying to sell business and we are not residential agents that think they can sell businesses as well. The days of wanting to go to an agent or advisor that is a jack of all trades is gone. The most successful businesses are focused on what they do and have their own particular niche of clients they work with. If you have an empty commercial property that you want to let or sell, that is not something we are experts in. If you are selling a business that is something we can help you with.


8) Sectors – We focus on selling businesses in Essex in the following sectors: Pubs/Bars, Restaurants/Cafés, Hotels/Guest Houses/B&B’s, Children’s nurseries & Care Homes. We have also been involved with Kennels & Catteries & Florists. If your business is not in one of those sectors, please still get in touch and we can take some more details to find out how we are able to help you. Due to the marketing activity we do and the websites we advertise on we are also well placed to advertise franchise resales.